Barents Games

Barents Games is a sports festival comprising of 30 different sports. The games are an arena for both sporting and cultural exchange and makes people-to-people cooperation between the four countries in the Barents region possible.

Sharing the arctic Spirit
The motto for Barents Games is "Sharing the arctic spirit." By working together across the four Barents countries, athletes, coaches, managers and referees are given the opportunity to share knowledge and experience through international sports competitions.

Barents Games gathers approximately 1,000 athletes aged between 15 and 25 every year to compete within a particular sporting event. Participants come from the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

Due to the sanctions against Russia due to their ongoing war in Ukraine, Russia is not participating in the Barents Games for the time being. Read more about it here:

Barents Games takes place over a weekend, and are held every other year as the Winter Games and every other year as the Summer Games. The games are held alternately between the four countries.

There are 30 different sports on the Barents Games program

The objectives of the Barents Games
- Barents Games will be a unique experience for the participants. An important objective is that athletes feel pride in representing their country at an international competition.

- Barents Games will give participants the opportunity to compete internationally and to develop both as an athlete and get the motivation to compete in their chosen sport for longer. For many participants, this will be the first time they compete against international opposition.

- Barents Games will give participants a sense of pride at being from the Barents region.

- Barents Games will, in addition to its sporting goals, develop tolerance and cultural understanding. Where four different cultures meet, there is clear sporting collaboration between the countries. Barents Games puts people-to-people cooperation into practice - "Developing friendship through sports in the Barents Region".

The first Barents Games took place in 2014 in Tromsø, Norway. Rather than each sport competing alone, several sports gathered simultaneously to create a joint event. The Barents Sports Committee own the concept of the Barents Games.

Previous Barents Games events:

2014: Barents Winter Games, Tromsø Norway

2015: Barents Summer Games, Oulu Finland

2016: Barents Winter Games, Murmansk Russia

2017: Barents Summer Games, Bodø Norway

2018: Barents Winter Games, Luleå Sweden

2019: Barents Summer Games, Murmansk Russia

2020: Barents Winter Games, Kajaani Finland (canceled due to Covid-19)

2021: Barents Summer Games, Tromsø Norway (postponed due to Covid-19)

2022: Barents Winter Games, Alta Norway (postponed due to Covid-19)


Future Barents Games events:

2022: Barents Summer Games, Tromsø Norway

2023: Barents Winter Games, Bodø/Narvik Norway 

2024: Barents Summer Games, Finland

2025: Barents Winter Games, Alta Norway 


Max Malyutin
Opening ceremony BSG2019
Opening ceremony BSG2019