Apply to YLIB

Are you our new YLIB participant?

Did you know that we have a program for young leaders in the Barents region?

We do, and it is called YLIB - Young leaders in Barents.

We are searching for new participants to our program, a young leader program that will last for the next two years.

The participants who are admitted to the program will receive professional replenishment, exciting new networks, and will be given the opportunity to become an ambassador for their sport and their country in the Barents Sports collaboration.

You will be participating in webinars, gatherings, you will be invited into the world of sports leaders - both in your country and in the region - and you will be able to help organize and experience the Barents Games up close.

Our main goal with YLIB is to develop the sports organization of the future in the Barents region. We want the young people themselves to influence the program so that it is tailored to their needs.

We have 6 Sub-goals:

  • We want to give young people the opportunity to learn from each other across national borders; academically, culturally, and socially
  • We want to give young people the opportunity to develop as leaders and event volunteers
  • We want to give young people a cultural understanding across national borders
  • We want to give young people an understanding of the structure of sport in all four countries
  • We want to give young people professional weight, practical experience and motivation to contribute in sports
  • We want to give young people the opportunity to shape their own sport


The target group of YLIB is young sports leaders, age group: 18 - 25 years, preferable speaking English.  

4 young people, two girls and two boys, from each of the countries: Finland, Sweden, Russia and Norway, living in the Barents region. You will participate in 8 gatherings in the period 2021/2022. You will attend both webinars, seminars, board meetings and Barents Games.

If you would like to join our YLIB project, send an application folliwing this link: https://applyYLIB

Application deadline as soon as possible by 15th of January 2021

Молодежные лидеры Баренц спортивного региона

Становись YLIB!

Возможно именно ты - Молодежный лидер Баренц спортивного региона!

Знаешь ли ты, что в Баренц регионе есть проект для активной молодежи в спорте?

Мы знаем! Проект называется "Молодежные лидеры Баренц спортивного региона" (сокращенно YLIB).

Мы в поиске участников проекта на следующие два года. Молодежные лидеры, прошедшие конкурс анкет, станут амбассадорами своих стран и, участвуя в бесплатных вэбинарах, встречах и Баренц играх, получат уникальную возможность для практики лидерских навыков, навыков спортивного менеджмента и нетворкинга.

Нам нужны активные спортивные лидеры, проживающие в Баренц регионе.

Возраст - 18-25 лет.

Рабочий язык - английский.

Для того, чтобы стать частью проекта, заполните анкету по ссылке:


Результаты отбора – в декабре 2020.