Meet our partner Norengros AS.

We are very pleased to have Norengros AS on our team. 

Norengros AS is Norway's largest supplier of consumer goods to the private and public sector - they have everything you need in one place!

They are a nationwide chain consisting of 13 companies with local owners, with 36 wholesale stores in all of Norway. Their logistics solution is based on local full-range warehouses, providing unique availability and fast distribution to all their customers.

The extensive product range of Norengros makes them a total supplier - everything you need in one place. The customers of Norengros are followed up by over 200 subject specialists with industry-oriented expertise within the chain's product groups and customer segments.

Both the Barents Sports Committee and Norengros want a common and healthy set of values, where we make strict demands on ourselves and our impact on the environment and society at large.

 Together, we will have a focus on sustainability and we will work continuously to prevent pollution from our own operations and the products we supply and use. For example, we will use serving equipment that leaves the smallest possible footprint on our environment.


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