Meetings in Tromsø

This week we have had individual meetings with local clubs in Tromsø, the clubs we want to help us arrange the Barents Summer Games in Tromsø 3-5 September 2021.

In Barents Games, it is the sport itself that arranges the competitions; it is the local clubs who the competence  and knows their sport best. We are planning Barents Summer Games as a Corona-friendly event. Of course, it requires more work and planning from both us and the clubs, but with the experience we have gained in recent months, we have no doubt that it is something we will handle. The sport has been exemplary in its handling of the pandemic, and by September next year we have come even further and learned even more.

It really gives us extra energy to meet the sport in Tromsø! It has been incredibly positive meetings, and there is no shortage of future views and organizing joy in this fantastic sports-city, which is currently bathed in a beautiful autumn sun.

We are really looking forward to continuing the planning with the local clubs towards 2021.

Barents Summer Games in Tromsø will be the best games ever, we have no doubts!

Thank you Tromsø Tennis Club, TUIL, TSI, Tromsø Athleteclub, Tromsø Golfclub, IF Fløya – the archery group, Tromsø Cycling Club, BUL Tromsø, the Norwegian Dance Association, Bowling, Tromsø Wrestling Club and Tromsø Pistol Club for the meetings.

Representatives from BSCN, TFIK, Tromsø Sports Council and Tromsø Pistol Club met to plan BSG21