Meet our project leader for BWG23

In three weeks, it is Barents Winter Games in Bodø and Narvik. The planning is in the final stages, and we are really looking forward to this Games.

To arrange such a large event, where approximately 900 athletes, leaders, guests an volunteers meet over one weekend, we need local support. We have therefore brought in Solvår Hardesty to our team as our project leader.
Here you can get to know her:

Tell us about yourself Solvår, who are you?
I am 41 years old and I originally come from a small place in the middle of Norway.  I have lived in Bodø for almost 11 years. I have been an active handball player since I was 8 years old and am now both a volunteer and coach at Bodø Handball Club. I think it is very important that children and young people should have a safe and fun activity outside of home and school. 

What are your experiences around such a large event? 
I find organizing sports events very rewarding, as I see what this means for those who take part. The Barents Winter Games will be the biggest event I have been involved in planning and implementing. I am very much looking forward to conducting the Barents Winter Games 2023 here in Bodø! And I can’t wait to show you Bodø, the city that I love.
We thank Solvår for the work she does as project manager, and we know that this event is in the best hands.