Information on the Corona Virus

Updated Information on the Corona Virus, edited 12.03.2020

Update 12.03.2020

Today at 1300 Norwegian/Swedish time, 1400 Russian/Finnish time Barents Sports Committee will have a extraordinary board meeting regarding the corona virus. We will update you as soon as possible.


Norway is canseling its participation in Barents Winter Games

Tuesday Institute of Public Health and The Norwegian Sports Association issued a recommendation to cancel events with over 500 participants. FHI bases its recommendation on the following: Events that gather many people can provide the basis for a large spread of infection, both at the event itself and through public transport to and from events, as well as afterwards in the local community where participants return home.
In light of the new recommendations, Barents Sports Committee Norway (BSCN) held an extraordinary board meeting regarding our participation in the Barents Winter Games, which will be held on March 27-29th in Kajaani.

At the board meeting it was decided that we do not want to take the risk of traveling with over 300 young participants from all over Northern Norway by bus. It is a long bus ride, where the possibility of spreading infection is big. It is also not an alternative to transport participants by other means.
There will also be a great risk of infection in attending the event where there will be over 1000 participants.
It is with heavy heart that we have made this decision. Both BSCN and the participants have really been looking forward to meeting our friends in the Barents region, to creating great sports experiences, and forging new friendships.

On behalf of the Barents Sports Committee Norway

Kent Nyheim

Chairman BSCN

09.03.2020: Important information about coronavirus

Barents Sports Committee (BSC) are and continues to monitor the development of the corona virus and follows recommendations of the Public Health Authority and other authorities.

BSC has a good dialogue with the unions and continuously assesses the coronavirus situation in the Barents region.

We have been in contact with the head of the Kainuu social and health services and they gave us following instructions:

  • At the moment there is no need to cancel any small or big events (this is the case in whole Finland)
  • It is recommended to pay a lot of attention for hand hygiene in events
  • If there is a suspicion of corona virus infection the infected person (or the event organizer) should immediately be in touch by phone with the Kainuu central hospital to get further instructions (It is not allowed to go to normal first aid


Barents Winter Games 2020 is currently planned as usual, but we are monitoring the situation on an ongoing basis.

We encourage everyone to follow our website and facebook for updates.

BSC encourage everyone to follow the advice and guidelines that are regularly updated from the various countries' public health institute and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
At all events that bring together many people, thorough risk assessment and planning is required to limit the risk of infection.

For athletes from Norway follow for updates.

For practitioners from Sweden, follow

For practitioners from Finland, follow

Preventive advice on the journey
• Avoid contact with sick persons, especially persons with respiratory symptoms.
• As with all infections, good hand washing with soap and water is an important preventative measure, both on the journey and to limit further infection.
• Alcohol-based hand disinfection may be an option if hand washing options are not available.
Contact your health care provider for symptoms of pneumonia (fever, cough and breathing problems). Avoid coughing on others, wash your hands frequently and thoroughly and avoid traveling if you are ill.

Advice after the trip
All people who have been in areas with persistent infection must now stay home for 14 days, regardless of whether they have symptoms or not. This also applies regardless of the infection status of the region you were in at a specified time.
The Directorate of Health also advises against handshaking and pinching as a measure to limit the spread of infection.
If you develop symptoms of respiratory infection (fever, cough, chest pain or difficulty breathing), the National Institute of Public Health asks you to stay indoors immediately and avoid close contact with other people as well as call your GP or emergency room and tell about your journey and your symptoms.

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