About YLIB

"Young Leaders in Barents"


How can we give young people a bigger role in Barentssports? Where are the young leaders?

We have observed a need to increase the proportion of young leaders and young event volunteers in sports. Our commitment to young leadership wants to challenge the sports teams and sports leaders to think new. We also want to give young people the tools to be well equipped for the future.

If we want to get young people involved in sports leadership, we have to give them competence, an arena where they can exercise leadership and contribute actively in sports-events.

Barents Sports Committee will recruit and train young leaders in every aspect!
- From organizing committee to organizing clubs.

The project started in Bodø 2017 as a side project, and has developed further into a valued part of Barents Sports.

We want to develop Young Ambassadors for Barents Sports – and they will learn to understand the importance of us having a Barents collaboration with boundless cooperation.

Target group:

Age group: 18 - 25 years preferable speaking English.

Main goal:

We will develop the sports organization of the future in the Barents region.


  1. We want to give young people the opportunity to learn from each other across national borders; academically, culturally, and socially
  2. We want to give young people the opportunity to develop as leaders and event volunteers
  3. We want to give young people a cultural understanding across national borders
  4. We want to give young people an understanding of the structure of sport in all the countries
  5. We want to give young people professional weight, practical experience and a motivation to contribute in sports
  6. We want to give young people the opportunity to shape their own sport


-         Leadership course for young people

-         Observer at board meetings BSC

-         Educate organizers for large events

-         Networking