Figure skating

Kajaanin Taitoluistelijat ry (TaiKa)

Place: Kajaani ice hockey hall

Local club: Kajaanin Taitoluistelijat ry (TaiKa)

Age group: 15-20 years (born 2000-2005) 

Team structure12 athletes (girls), 2 leaders, 2 referees 

Contact information 

Vera Arntsen,, tlf. +47 975 67 938 

Katri Mäenpää,  


Preliminary Program

Friday March 27th  

12.00 – 16.00 

Arrival in Kajaani, accreditation and check-in at the hotels  

12.00 – 18.30 

Registration office in the hotel is open 

15.30 – 17.00 

Team leader meeting at the hotel 

The draw for Junior A and Junior B SP and Junior C FS 

17.00 – 19.00 

Dinner at the hotel  

19.00 – 20.00

Opening Ceremony at Raatihuoneen tori 

Saturday March 28th    

06.00 – 09.00 

Breakfast at the hotel 


Transportation to the arena (bus) 

09.00 – 10.00 

Preparation on the arena 


Competition starts 

11.00 – 12.00 

Lunch at restaurant Vimpeli (walk 400m) 


Competition ends 


Transportation to the hotel 


Transportation to the dinner 

16.00 – 19.00 

Dinner at the restaurant Vimpeli 


Transportation to Get-Together and Closing Ceremony (walk) 

20.00 – 21.00 

Get-Together and Closing Ceremony  

21.30 – 22.00 

Transportation to the hotels (bus) 


Sunday March 29th  

06.00 – 09.00 

Breakfast at the hotel 


Transportation to the Arena (bus) 


Competition starts 


Competition ends 


Medal Ceremony 


Transportation to the hotels (bus) 

14.30 – 15.00 

Home departure 

Please note. This is a preliminary time schedule.  



The figure skating competition will have three categories with the following rules: 

  • Junior A ladies (SP and FS): ISU Rule 611 (Short program) and Rule 612 (Free skating) for Junior ladies in season 2019/2020 
  • Junior B ladies (SP and FS): as in Junior A ladies, but double Axel Paulsen (2A) is not compulsory in SP 
  • Junior C ladies (FS): program according to ISU Comm 2242 (Intermediate Novice) 

Each country may enter skaters in all categories so that the total amount of skaters per country does not exceed 12. The draw for Junior A and Junior B SP and Junior C FS will be held on Friday, March 27th at the hotel before opening ceremony. In Junior A and Junior B categories the FS will be held in reverse order based on SP results. 

Each country may also propose a judge for the panel, and the travel and accommodation costs for the judge will be covered by the Barents Committee as a part of the country team. The organizer will nominate the referee and the technical panel. We ask each country to propose a judge for the panel by November 30, 2019.