Skating is for the moment put on the back burner due to few athletes in the agegroup 15 - 25 years.

Skating is an established Barents sport, with a long tradition and good contact between the countries. There has been an effective exchange in place for many years on several levels and in different age groups, and with annually recurring competitions. Sweden is not involved in the collaboration, as the activity level in the country is currently low. There are not so many athletes under 25 at the moment. They also consider inlineskating/rollerskating for the summer games, but there are not so many athletes in the age 15 – 25 yet.

Boys/Girls junior:      500 m             1500 m          1000 m          3000 m

Senior women          500 m             1500 m          1000 m          3000 m

Senior men all-round  500 m         3000 m          1500 m            5000 m

Senior men sprint    500 m             1000 m          500 m             1000 m