Pavel Kulizhnikov

He won the men's 500 meters eventin the World Championship in 2015.

Pavel Kulizhnikov (born 20 April 1994) is a Russian speed skater. He won the men's 500 metres event at the 2015 World Single Distance Championships as well as the 2015 World Sprint Championships, becoming the youngest winner since speed skating icon Eric Heiden of the United States.

In 2015, he became the first speed skater to finish the 500 meter in under 34 seconds with a world record of 33.98. Kulizhnikov is also the current holder of the Russian 1000 m record. At the 2016 World Single Distance Speed Skating Championships, Kulizhnikov won the men's 500 m lapses and 1000 m, becoming the first man to win 500m and 1000m gold at the same speed skating World Single Distances Championships.