Get together on Alcatraz

On Saturday night, March 17th at 19:30, we will have fun together at Alcatraz, a brand new, large playground with lots of activities!

After a short official ceremony Alcatraz will be open for all participants to play together and get together!

Bowling and the Prision Island-adventure will be free of charge for everyone. Gather your friends (or take the chance to meet new friends), form a team and solve the difficulties in 31 prisions cells in Prision Island or play bowling together. Collaborate and have great fun! 

For other acitivites of your choise there will be a fee according to Alcatraz normal pricelist. It's a good idea to bring money with you if you want to try some of Alcatraz's other offerings. 

Read more about Alcatraz. Unfortunately, the web is only in Swedish.