Important information for you!

"Good to know" for all who will join Barents Winter Games. Here you will find practical information about the event. Please, spend some minute and read it!

Hotels – check in and check out 
Check in: from Friday at 15:00. 

Check out: You have to check out before 12:00 on Sunday - for most of you this means in the morning before you go to the arena. After the competition you can shower at the arena before departure home.

At each hotel there will be a BWG-host that will be able to help you. They will be marked with “crew”.

Who stays where?

Teamleaders - pick up team bag on arrival
All teamleders will get a team bag with information, t-shirts, gifts, map and some other things to all participants in your team. Pick it up on arrival in your hotels receptionarea at our Barents Winter Games host.

Wristband - your ticket to a lot of things!
All the participants will receive an orange wristband. This wristband will give you access to:

  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • BWG – buses
  • All public LLT buses in Luleå (just show the wristband to the driver)
  • Entrance to the opening ceremony Friday
  • Entrance to the Get-Together Saturday
  • Price reduction in some stores in Luleå (more information when you arrive)

Take good care of your wristband!

The games in social media
Follow Barents Winter Games on facebook and instagram.

You will eat breakfast at your hotel. Lunch will be served at the arena (or near by). Dinner will be served at the hotel you are staying at or at Luleå Energi Arena. Please check your sports detailed program for information.

If some of the athletes have any kind of diet – please let us know in advance.

Arenas - where will you compete?
Here you can find information about the arenas.

Detailed program for each sport
A detailed program for all sports, including meals, transportation and team captainsmeetings will be presented (at latest) on our web on Wednesday 14th of March.
Detailed program for each sport

Transportation to the arenas
Some sports lives so near the arena that they can walk. For the rest we will have buses for internal transportation – from the hotel to the arena and back again, once a day. It is important that you are at the busstop 10 minutes before it leaves.

All Russian teams will have an interpreter that will follow them during BWG. They are all volunteers from the Murmansk region.

Opening ceremony – Friday evening 19:00-19:45
Luleå welcomes you to "Fire on Ice" - the official opening of Barents Winter Games 2018! Under the starry sky, out on Luleälven's ice we invite you to a athmospheric and fiery show.

The opening ceremony will take place in Norra Hamn (North harbour). Remeber to bring warm clothes. All of you living at Scandic Hotel will be transported with bus, all others are supposed to walk. The ceremony are mandatory for all participants in Barents Winter Games.

Get-Together –  Saturday evening 19:30
On Saturday night, March 17th at 19:30, we will have fun together at Alcatraz, a brand new, large playground with lots of activities! Athletes, leaders, coaches and guests are invited to a entertaining evening!

Here you find more information about the Get together on Alcatraz.

All participants living at Scandic hotel are supposed to walk. For the others – there will be bus transportation. Remember that all of you going with bus to Alcatraz must go to Elite hotel for transportation – and be there 10 minutes before the bus is leaving.

Service center – our main secretariat will be at Luleå Energi Arena
You will find our service center on second floor in Luleå Energi Arena. We are ready to help you with any matter.

In Luleå Energi Arena you will also find the technical secretariat who will be in charge of filming, pictures, results and media.

Important phonenumbers

Project leader +46 73 420 52 62

+46 76 601 88 08


+46 76 601 87 80

International coordinator

+47 419 602 51


+46 70 686 80 94

Hotels (logistics)

+46 70 686 84 75