Information to the sports before joint meetings

Here you will find the information you need before the joint meetings on saturday.

During the joint meetings, you must decide how your sport will operate before, during and after the Barents Games.

Part one:

Presentation from each country

•In which way are you connected to your sport regarding the Barents cooperation? Who are you representing?
•Status of your sport in your country?
•Choose spokesperson/referent.

Your sport

•Go to: Sports

  • Find your sport, see what was decided in 2016

•Discuss your sport: are the descriptions from 2016 correct? Age of athletes, form of competition, number of participants, rules.

•Give feedback on forms for the delegates, one pr sport here: Form - Part one: each sport

Part two:

Other topics

•Discuss in teams with other sports: Barents Games, Barents sports, finances, coaches, media etc. This part is to give feedback to BSC about how we should work further to develop the product Barents games.

•Give feedback on forms, one pr group here: Part two - Group session