Bodø Spektrum
kl. 20.00

Time: Friday 1st of September, kl. 20:00 - 21:30
Location: Bodø Spektrum

The opening ceremony will take place on Friday evening, the official opening of the Games, where we will wish all participants, coaches, managers and invited guests a warm welcome to Bodø and BSG 2017. The program will include speeches and cultural performances.

Barents Games is a people-to-people cooperation, which aims to develop friendship through sports in the Barents Region. Cooperation across the four Barents countries gives athletes, coaches, managers and referees the opportunity to share knowledge and experience through international competitions. In addition to sports competitions, Barents Games has an overall goal of developing tolerance and cultural understanding across its borders.

During the summer games in Bodø, wishes to invite all participants and guests to these two community events - where you will get the chance to meet athletes of all sports, nations and age groups.