Thank You Murmansk!

Barents Summer Games 2019

A fantastic Barents Summer Games in Murmansk is over, and we would like to extend a big thank you to the Sports Committee for a fantastic event. We know that it takes hard work, a lot of planning as well as involving so many people to organize the Barents Games.

Such a large event presents challenges along the way, and we think the committee has accomplished in style. We have full respect and gratitude for the work done before, during and after the Barents Summer Games.

This year, more than 600 participants and guests were in action all over Murmansk. And we could see, not only the joy of sports in the athlete’s eyes, but new friendships were also created. That's the whole point of the Barents Games, "Sharing the arctic spirit, "
The opening and closing ceremonies were both inclusive, beautiful and fun, and you could watch the participants being entertained.

The amazing images downloaded on our website allow us to look back at the Barents Summer Games 2019 with joy and fond memories – have a look and enjoy the beauty of the Barents Games and the good memories.

Thank you to Svetlana at the Sports Committee, Irina and her brilliant team - as well as Katya - we look forward to seeing you again in Kajaani 2020 and Tromsø 2021.

С удачным завершением!
До новой встречи!

Vera Arntsen

International coordinator Barents Sport