Bodø 2017: Young leaders in Barents Sports

In connection with the BSG17, the YLIB program have been developed.

This weekend, Barents Summer Games 2017 takes place in Bodø. Here, the northern counties of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia compete against each other, in sports ranging from golf, orientateering and football.

This is more than just a regular sporting event. The goal is to build bridges between countries, both on a cultural and sporting level.

In connection with the event, a program called YLiB - Young leaders in Barents Sports has been set up, which is an exchange program for young sports leaders from northern Norway and northern Sweden.

During the week-long program, the participants will learn a lot about what it means to be a good leader. Kim Andre Andersen is one of the participants in the program, and he is very positive about what he will be involved with this week.

“The reason that I initially wanted to participate and join YLiB is that I am very active in sports in general and heard a lot of good things about both Barents Games and YLiB through my role in the youth committee of Nordland Sports. I see this as an opportunity to meet new people, be active and learn a lot about leadership in sport. I get a lot of joy out of this type of thing.”

What is the program actually about?

-“The program aims to teach us how to learn the best possible way, how to contribute to a good social environment and how the sport should be attractive and better for everyone. We also go through various things that involve sports, including issues that are relevant for your own sports team and how to reach different target groups within your own club.

"I hope this week will teach me how to be a good coach / leader. I also hope to learn how to interact with others who have different experiences and people of all ages. In general, I strive to learn more about how to make sport better for everyone.”

What will your role be this week? Are you responsible for something special that you are looking forward to?

- “As a part of YLiB I'm only a participant, and at the end of the week, I'm working as a volunteer in Barents Games. Otherwise, I am the assisant coach in Young Active Bodø, where we are going to arrange a training session with YLiB and other participants from the area.”

Kim plays football for Meløy FK in 4th Division, and therefore believes he can learn a lot of lessons that he can teach others. In the future, of course, there will be the need for plenty of good leaders in sport, and Kim has already laid clear plans for sports leadership later in life.

"I have generally gained a lot of interest in sports leadership, including through working at football schools and volunteering at various events. Therefore, I hope to gain even more experience through YLiB. When I get older, I want to start my own childrens team with youngsters. This is something I am passionate about, because I think I could have used much of the knowledge I have gained.”

YLiB has already started, but Kim has already got a good idea of ​​how great the program is.

-This is super fun, maybe one of the most fun things I've been involved with. Already the first night we had a whole bunch of fun games, where we got to meet lots of new people and got many new friends. This is something I would definitely recommend to others, a great experience to be involved with, and also incredibly nice to be able be here.

I will of course try to sneak in to the next years course too, he adds

The youngsters today, of course, have a slightly different mindset and approach than today's athletes, and they can therefore have a lot of positive participation in the sport.

"We are young enthusiasts who never take no for an answer. We will always meet challenges head-on and do our best to show what we can. The vast majority of youngsters today have a competitive instinct, that has not been seen before. Of course, we will not only do well, we will do the best we can!

We will do this by including everyone, finding new solutions to current issues, new ways to think about and, more often, different options. If one method does not work, we automatically move on to the next idea. Todays youth has a lot of good to contribute to sport. Young, new thoughts are only positive for the sport.”


Top row: Alexandra Valen, Martin Hylland, Nea Räsanen, Malin Sehlstedt. Low row: Matilda Boudin, Kr