Ski orienteering

We welcome all athletes and team officials to Bodø and Valnesfjord for the ski orienteering competitions during The Barents Winter Games 2023.


Ski-Orienteering will stay at Scandic Havet

The arranging club is Bodø & Omegn IF Orientering

Arena: Valnesfjord Helsesportsenter Map Bodø/Valnesfjord
Disciplines: Middle distance (saturday) and sprint distance (sunday)

For bulletins, start lists and results, see Eventor

After the Barents Games competitions there will be spectator races both days, with open classes in the same courses for team officials and others.

Ski orienteering has been part of The Barents Games since Murmansk 2016 and consists of two competitions: A long or middle distance and a sprint distance.

The competition gathers up to 12 athletes from each nation (six boys and six girls) in the three age classes 17-18 years, 19-20 years and 21-25 years. Each nation has two spots for each gender in each age class.

Up until 2015 ski orienteering was an almost non existent sport in Northern Norway, while Finland and Sweden had several active clubs within the Barents region. Partly thanks to the integration into The Barents Games, Northern Norway now has two clubs with active ski orienteerers.