Meet our project leader for BSG22

Magnus Leonhardsen

We are enjoying planning the Barents Summer Games in Tromsø 2-4 September 2022. To arrange this large event, where over 1100 athletes meet over one weekend, we need local support. We have therefore brought in Magnus Leonhardsen to our team as our project leader.

Tell us a about yourself Magnus:

I am 28 years old and grew up on Russelv in Lyngen municipality, a couple of hours outside Tromsø. I have worked in the sports federation for almost three years.

All my life I have played football, but in recent years futsal has been my most important sport.

I have been so lucky to get to try my hand at bowling in the past, while disc golf has taken up a lot of time in recent years.

I think e-sport is also very exciting, and I am the coach for Tromsø IL's e-football team in the e-Series.

I am passionate about recreational sports, spend a lot of time on it in my spare time. Among other things, I comment football for a local newspaper when I have the opportunity.

As a coach, I have participated in winning silver and gold in the Elite Series in futsal, as well as participation in the UEFA Futsal Champions League. In addition, our e-football team has won the e-Series and will compete in Europe as soon as the corona-situation allows.

With that background, I hope to be able to represent Barents Sports in a good way in the coming years, and I look forward to getting to know many new people!


What are your experiences around such a large event?

First and foremost, I have experience as a performer in large events. Barents Games will be my first experience as a project leader for a large event like this. Nevertheless, I have been a project manager for sporting events in the past, including the UEFA Futsal Champions League, so I know the role well. In addition, I know the Tromsø-sports community well and the clubs we will work with.


What are you going to do to lift the Barents Games one step further?

I have never participated in or experienced the Barents Games myself, so the cancellation of BWG in Kajaani was a pity for me as well. Nevertheless, I have seen several elements of Barents Games that I think Tromsø can deliver very well on.

It is important to be ambitious when we arrange BSG. We have a plan to show BSG and Tromsø to more than just athletes and the public here. We want to stream all the sports competitions, so that everyone who wants to can follow along during the weekend, no matter where they are.

In addition, we want to think untraditionally about where the competitions are held. Why must a sports competition be held in an old sports hall if it will be an exciting experience to use an untraditional venue that works just as well?

We want BSG to be a unique experience, both for athletes, leaders, the public and those who follow from home.


What can the participants expect when they come to your city Tromsø, and what should they experience when they are here?

Our starting point has always been that the participants can expect a very compact event where there are short distances between the hotels, the various arenas, the city center, etc. We recommend using time to see other sports that are arranged near their own sports event if it will be possible in September 2022. You can expect to come to a city that is really good at arranging sports competitions.

Tromsø is also a very exciting city to visit. There is a wonderful nature with mountains and sea adjacent to the city. We have just got a beautiful water park. You should try the wilderness tourism and there is a beautiful park for sports and leisure at Charlottenlund on Tromsoya.

Personally, I always recommend trying a milkshake at MIX, right next to The Arctic Cathedral.


Thank you Magnus, we look forward working with you!